Friday, November 9, 2012


I am thankful for the changing seasons. As much as I am not a winter person I can appreciate the beauty of freshly fallen snow, or the first real snow of the season. In all honesty the only snow I want to see is on Christmas morning and I really only want a light snow then.

I love the spring when trees and flowers are budding. My allergies might not, but I love the reawakening of the plants. They are no longer winter dormant.

Summer is my favorite season. If if could be summer all year long I'd be happy. I love hiking and swimming. While I can hike in spring and fall, there is something about a summer hike through the woods that is different.

The leaves changing in the fall are beautiful. No one who has seen their splendor ever forgets it. The rustling of the fallen leaves when you walk through them lets you know it is time for the trees to prepare for winter.

Yes, today  I am thankful for the seasons. The seasons of the year, as well as the seasons of life.

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