Saturday, November 3, 2012


I am very thankful for my grandchildren. They keep me young. Above is Megan Leesa. She is not only a stellar athlete, but also an academic all-star. Today I have the privilege of watching her run in the state cross-country meet. The only girl representing her team. She is ninth grade.

Above is Jason my handsome youngest grandchild. He is sixth grade this year. Also a stellar athlete, running cross-country this year for the first time. He's played Jr. Rams football, basketball, and baseball. Like his sister, he is an academic all-star. He's my bashful boy.

Last but definitely not least, my eldest grandson, Eric and his beautiful bride Angelina. They have recently moved to Michigan and I hope I will get to spend much more time with them.

Each of them adds a dimension to my life I would never have expected. I am so thankful they are all a part of my life. I have been blessed.



  1. I have had the pleasure of meet all of them and they are the nicest kids/adults you will ever meet! <3


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