Wednesday, April 27, 2016

A-Z Challenge--Letter W

W is for wonder. Wonder in the form of awe. Babies do it best. Their faces hide nothing. It is the child-like feeling in all of us when something unexpected and pleasant happens. The thing which grabs your heart and make you say, "Awe."

The feeling there is still magic in the world and splendid things can happen. It makes us feel warm and safe. It allows us to forget the negative if only for a minute.

There are still those moments in life when I see something which makes me speechless and reminds me there is a greater power than man. Nature blesses us with these scenes daily if we only take the time to look. Never lose the power to wonder. Never lose sight of those truly "Awe" moments.



Welcome to the New Year, New Life

I have moved from my home in South Carolina back to Michigan. It is currently under contract. Sorry no photo of my current residence. ...