Wednesday, April 6, 2016

A-Z Challenge Letter F

F is for Failure. We all do it. It's a fact of life. It's how you respond when you fail which turns the failure into success.

Just learned a contest I'd entered one of my books in did not select me. Congrats to the winner and other semi-finalists. I'll submit a different book next time. Does it mean my book was not good? No, it means my book was not something they were looking for. So, back to the drawing board.

A contest was held to choose a co-author to work with James Patterson. I did not enter. The book I would have entered is not ready yet. Maybe another time. I took his class to improve my writing not enter a contest. The results were announced today. I was appalled by the whining and complaining. Really???? Bite the bullet and write a better book.

Tomorrow I will learn whether or not one of my other books is award worthy. Am I going to cry if it's not? No, I know it's up against good competition. It will hold it's own. I won't cry if I don't win. I will be disappointed, but I'm not giving up writing. At some point this year, I will learn if my children's book wins an award. I also have a book up for an Amazon award.

I believe this. Failure IS Success IN Progress. James Patterson had 27 rejections of his first novel before someone else believed in him. The Chicken Soup for the Soul books were rejected 47 times before someone said, "This is good."

Failure is just telling you to do a better job the next time, not you can't do it. Just do it better. And keep doing it until you get it right.



  1. You have a great attitude about failure as it is related to your writing and what you submit for contests, etc. I think we need to realize in our lives we are going to have failures and then learn how to grow from them!


  2. Betty, I agree. We all have failures in something. I taught special education for 22 years and watch my students try and fail time and again. I picked them back up and we started over. I'm pleased to say most all of them have finished or are finishing high school and college and are productive in the world. Of course, I had a few failures there, too.

  3. This concept about "failure" should be taught at home and in school from the time children are very young. Failure isn't fatal, giving up is! We can always improve on what we are trying to accomplish, but we need to believe in ourselves enough to know that we can, with time and effort, reach out goals. Great post, I know you will be winning some awards because this is a winning attitude!
    Josie's Journal

    1. Thanks, Josie. I don't believe in the word can't. Would not let my students use it in my classroom. When I had a student who really understood a concept I let him/her teach it to the other kids. Everyone had a chance to feel success. I wanted kids to know not everything is life is fair or positive, it's what we did when faced with the negative is what made all the difference.

  4. It's good to fail at things we ought to fail at. Things that are just not in our toolbox to do. We learn humility, recognize the gifts of others, and develop the skill of asking for help. Yes, it can be frustrating when it's something you WANT to be good at, and you WANT to succeed in. But everyone has their strengths and weaknesses, and the sooner we all figure out what those are, the sooner we can get on with doing whatever it is we are best equipped to do.

    As for contests, it's a statistical fact that you are more likely to win a contest you enter than one you don't enter. And when you enter a contest, you are more likely to win than the many people who didn't enter. :)

    Thanks for this thought-provoking article, Rebecka!

  5. Colin, thank you for your insights.


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