Saturday, April 23, 2016

A-Z Challenge Letter T

T is for teach. At some point in life we are all teachers. We teach our children, We teach our co-workers. We teach each other. Some of us even become teachers. 

When we teach well, our students are excited and teach each other. We learn better when we are sharing knowlege. 

Teaching in many ways is just moderating. As Frost says, we awaken in children the thirst for knowledge. We lead them on the path to learning. 

I continue to teach although I have retired from formal teaching. I share my love of writing with others and engage them in the activity of writing in hopes someday one of them will become a writer. I also teach new writers how to get published. I love questions and answers on writing.

I encourage reading. I write books I hope people will love reading. To attain the goal of creating readers I will continue to write.



  1. The best teachers are the ones who enjoy teaching, because when you enjoy something you can't help but pass that excitement on. When the teacher is excited about what they're teaching, the kids can't help learning - because it's fun.
    Carol at My Writing Journal

  2. CR Ward, thanks. I agree. I loved teaching. My former students still keep in touch with me.


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