Monday, April 11, 2016

A-Z Challenge Letter J

J is for judgement. We often stand in judgement. We judge people for their clothes, hair, car, education, jobs, writing, and just about anything else you can think imagine.

Judgement is not all bad. We have to use our judgement when making life choices. We have to use our judgement when choosing friends, jobs, colleges, autos, loans, and credit cards. These are not all bad judgements.

We also ourselves using others as standards. Not such a good thing as we are all different. We make assumptions on what a person is or isn't based on the clothes they wear, when for all we know they are just trying to fit in.

We tend to be harshest when we judge ourselves. Our looks, our weight, our jobs, our homes, all get judged by our standards which might be higher than we have attained. Or by the standards we see others living by. Knowing our budgets don't stretch to keep up with the Jones.

Using our judgement for good instead of detrimental is a struggle. You want to do the right thing, yet find yourself falling into old traps. It is a daily struggle.



  1. You make a really important point here. We often think of all judgement as negative and I try so hard not to be that way, though I know I often am. But we do have to make some judgement calls and it's important that we learn to do them fairly/correctly based on facts instead of preconceptions. I liked this post, I wish all parents worked hard to get this message through to their children when young, rather than showing them by example what not to say and do!
    Josie Two Shoes
    from Josie's Journal

  2. Example the best teacher. However peer influence can put all the hard work of parents aside. So, choosing peers is important. Let's hope they have the values the children were raised with.


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