Friday, April 15, 2016

A-Z Challenge Letter L--Me catching up

L is for love. What many fail to remember is you have to love yourself. Embrace your uniqueness. It includes your flaws, your strengths, your weaknesses, all the things making you, you. Once you love yourself, spread you wings and love others.

Loving others can be as simple as making cookies and passing them out to the homeless in your town. Or donate them to an elementary classroom, for no other reason than you can. Love can be as simple as reaching out a hand to someone who needs it. There doesn't have to be a cost involved. Just doing the right thing when you have the chance. Showing someone you care.

Share a skill you have with someone else. No matter what the skill is, teach someone else. Help them to feel the accomplishment you feel.

But start by loving who you are.


  1. You are exactly right. We have to learn to love ourselves first, and we need to teach that to our children and grandchildren. It is so much easier to love others with all their human flaws if we can accept that in ourselves too!
    from Josie's Journal

    1. Whitney Houston said it best, The greatest love of all, is loving yourself.


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