Thursday, April 5, 2012

E is for Effort

You can have all the dream and determination you want if you put forth no effort they go nowhere. Effort is what it takes to get the job done. Whether it's writing or something else you have to make an effort.

The great American novel will not be written if you don't pick up a pen, pencil, computer and  make an effort to put words on paper. This is a stumbling block for many. They want to do something. They dream of the success they want to have, but they do nothing to get there.

I wrote. I still write. I studies writing and wrote some more. I taught writing. I wrote. I self-published. I wrote. I attended conferences. I wrote. I came away energized. I wrote more. I took writing courses. I wrote. I joined an on-line critique group. I rewrote. I still write. That's effort.

I found a small publisher. I have their support. I'm still writing. I'm expanding my horizons as a writer. I still attend conferences. I write.

What effort do you put behind your dreams? You need to work to make them happen.



  1. I agree with you. I don't understand people who just say what they would like to do, but do nothing about it. If you just wait for it, it will probably never happen! And if you work for your dream and then finally it comes true, it's such a great feeling, because you know you worked hard and deserve it.

  2. i don't think i really care about becoming a published writer any longer---life is just too short for me to put in the time it would require---but i am enjoying my blogging and the a-z thing---happy writing to you!

  3. Kudos to your efforts. I'm still struggling to get foccussed.

  4. It's so true you have to put in the effort to accomplish your dreams.

  5. You should be proud of your efforts. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm a new follower from A to Z. :)


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