Monday, November 28, 2011

Mouse Trap Monday and Other Mundane Things

I was not pleased to come home from a wonderful week-end with family to find that the mice have returned. You'd think they'd get the rent, money for utilities, no home. Yet here they are again. So, today I was out buying mouse traps. Why don't they ever go on sale?

I also did a little bit of Christmas shopping. One gift out of the way and materials to finish a gift. So, that part wasn't too bad. Just a couple more things on my list and I can start wrapping. Oh, yes and don't forget the Christmas cards. I'll be starting those as soon as I finish this blog.

Speaking of finishing things. My publisher has edited my entire novel. I think that means we are to the final edits and possibly a cover? Woo Hoo. She is also working on chopping some excess out of my latest short story.

Thus I must start the next one. Which will take us out of the US for the setting. I'm excited about that. I'm starting to like the short stories as much as the novels. The two I've written so far are set so that they can have sequels. Maybe books of short stories are coming. Hmmmm.

Splurged at Bath & Body Works on-line today. They have discontinued my favorite scent so I had to stock up. Besides I could buy 3 and get 2 free plus get 25% off my order and a discount on shipping. Will be banned from buying there soon. They see me coming and say 'How much can we get out of her today?'

I have trouble buying for myself. I love buying for others. I think because I spent so many years not buying for myself, I've forgotten that it's okay. So when I do buy I tend to go to the extreme. Me, extreme who would have thought.

Well, laundry is done, time to think about dinner, do the dishes, and start the Christmas cards. Yep that would be the mundane.


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