Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Some Friends are More Like Family

I spent yesterday morning with my friend, Amy. She was busy baking. When I say baking she had at least three or four things she was working on. Then she got an e-mail from her son saying he had to see her and tell her about his job offer face-to-face. I told her to let him know we were on the way. He's only a couple of miles from home. Her husband and youngest daughter were off down the street with the mower and weed whacker. Nothing was due to come out of the oven and Abby was there and would have taken it out if need be. We were off. Zac has the possibility of a computer repair job. That's right up his alley. I am hoping it works out for him.

We got back to the house. Nothing was due out of the oven yet. So we had time to talk some more. I love talking to her. It's been like that since we first met in 2002. Wow just 10 years ago....seems like much longer. We talked about how I love baking, but don't because it's just me. I love to cook period. I just need to learn how to scale down. But the point is, it was a great morning and I know if something comes up I can count on her and she knows she can call me.

From there I went to the school...that'd be the place I'm retired from. It is always good to see my former colleagues. I was too late for lunch when I arrived. I got to hang with Lois in the office. Then I went down to take some Holocaust books to Sally. She'll be teaching that in February. No sense the books sitting at my house collecting dust. So I gave them to her. Some are duplicates of what she has, some were new to her. I don't care if she gives them away if they get used. She was on her way to a meeting so I walked with her.

That meant being hugged and greeted by former students. I only know the 7th and 8th graders any more. That is odd for me. I joined Lois once again in the office where she was signing in a new student. They needed the counselor who was teaching a class. I went to get her and took over her class. I believe they were 5th grade students and were in a class on bullying. They were pretty pleased to learn I'd had some of their older brothers and sisters when I was teaching. I read them a book called 'Just Kidding' and we had just started working on a worksheet that went with it when the counselor returned. It's fun to be in the classroom and know that it's only for a minute or two. It's not an every day thing.

I promised Sally to come back in next week for lunch with the staff. That will be fun. They were my family for a long time. The middle school group for about 7 years. The elementary group even longer. Sometimes you can go home.


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