Friday, November 11, 2011

I Keep on Learning

Today I learned that I could pick up more followers on my blog if I syndicated it. It was an easy process. I still need three people to confirm I am who I am, but I'm getting followers I didn't have before. Anything that gets me name recognition is a good thing.

I'm learning that sometimes I write too much. I have also learned how to pick and choose what to leave out. In some cases, what to leave in and add to. I'm getting better at showing and not telling. All of these seem like basic things, but when you are meeting word limits or need to make minimums they seem like challenges.

I'm learning that I need taglines for some things and not for others. Every day brings me something new.

I am awaiting some CD's that will help me to prepare for the possibility of giving seminars on cruise ships. What could be better than that? Having a wonderful cruise and talking about writing? The best part is being paid for it. Who would have guessed?

I am learning what others look for when they are critiquing a new book. I've had some eye opening conversations with writers in an on-line group I belong to. There is an author who is unable to understand why his book is not selling. He thought it might be because he wrote it in English, not his native tongue. I am reading the book and will post a review when I am done. English is not the problem. Being an unknown author is.

I am working on edits with my publisher. She is changing some things that were taken out in my critique group. Funny it is now back to the way I originally wrote it. At least part of it is anyway. Any corrections or suggestions she has made have only enhanced it. She has not by any means undone what was done in my critique group. Now six sets of eyes have looked at it and made suggestions. That does not include me. I am still a work in progress, just like my writing.

So, if you are doing what you love, don't stop. Get assistance from others who know what you are trying to accomplish. Don't take the criticism personally, it is meant to make you better at what you do. And NEVER stop learning.


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