Sunday, November 27, 2011


I am dumbfounded by the blogs that get re-Tweeted. When I do a book review or write on writing I hope those will get tweeted. Doesn't usually happen though. Guess I'm not getting to the right audience.

However when I write something silly, about my family, or the farmhouse I live in, people seem to love them. How does that work? Is it because they are off the cuff and heartfelt? Is it because people can relate?

Makes me wonder just what people see in what I write. Yesterday's post on the aftermath of Thanksgiving was re-Tweeted twice. I had to go back and reread it. Must have been the flying dinner rolls that had everybody laughing. Who knows.

I just know my son-in-law puts in hours on Thanksgiving dinner and then he prays that nothing will be amiss. He has excellent cooking skills. He just needs to put it on the table and not worry about whether we like it or not. Last time I heard it was 'beggars cannot be choosers.' Then we have my father the instigator. He loves to get the great grandkids going. He's just a big kid himself. My grandkids think spending time with their Granny and great grandparents is a treat. They usually get one or the other. The two exceptions to that are Thanksgiving and Christmas. So, they get a little crazy.

Then there is my daughter, who claims she hates people and would like to live in a little cocoon forever. She really loves people. Especially the people who reside closest to her heart. This year was extra special for her. Her sister gave birth to a little girl on Saturday. Although Madison Leigh Turner came into this world three weeks early, she was the hit of the week-end.

When you wake up one morning to discover that although you are an only child, you have nine half-siblings and a slew of nieces and nephews. Life has a major curve thrown in and you just have to run with it. My daughter runs with it, then takes a break from it. She loves her half-siblings and they make life interesting. But I am sure there are days when it is overwhelming.

So, somebody let me know why it is that some blogs are worth re-Tweeting and some go totally unnoticed? I'd really like to know when I'm doing something right.


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