Friday, November 4, 2011

Settling In and Picking Up the Pace

The title is misleading. I've been settled in my house for years. It's settling back into the writing routine after being away. I've got that on track somewhat. Since I've never been a you must write at this time every day kind of writer.

The short story I'm working on is coming together. It needs to be typed. Yeah, I occasionally hand write my stuff. Depends on what is available when I am working. I'm working with my publisher on edits to my current novel. I need to get busy on the second one. It got held up in Chapter 13.

As to picking up the pace, well that has to do with speaking engagements. I am speaking tomorrow morning at some point on writing to the Michigan Lionesses at their annual conference. I'm waiting to hear what time I need to be there. I also have a writing engagement coming up in honor of National Writing Month. Details on that have not been worked out yet. I will be at my former school working with a former colleague. I love that idea.

If you know someone who needs a writer workshop or a speaker for their group, let me know. I'm available for a few days the rest of this year. I've not booked for 2012 yet.


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