Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Writing What It's All About

Feeling pretty accomplished today. I've finished my second short story. Dixie's Dilemma now needs to be printed so I can edit. Make wording changes, cut about 300 words, and just make it a better story.

When writing this as with my first short story, I left the door open for other stories with these characters. I think that's how a short story should work. Mini series. They make for good serializing on my blog when I actually do run out of things to say.

The next short story I'm going to work on takes an entirely different turn. It will still be a mystery, but I will not use a location in the US when I write it. I'll let you wonder about that for a while.

Should be putting things together for my week-end away. As usual, I will put it off until morning and be running late for dinner. Good thing my family loves me. Also a good thing that I'm not in charge of bringing anything.

So, with my sense of accomplishment running high. I bid you all a safe and happy Thanksgiving.


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