Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Gold With Grace

Her journey started before this photo, but this is when I first met her. Actually it was about a year before this photo was taken. I have seen her workout in the gym with her leg in a cast. The dedication is phenomenal. This was at the banquet standing in the photo are an eight year old Jordyn Wieber, her coach John Gedderdt, and  my six year old granddaughter, Megan Leesa Kline. Megan competed for Twistars from age five to age 10. She quit when it was no longer fun. She was spending 17 hours a week in the gym. Jordyn was already spending more time than that in the gym.

This week in London, Jordyn has seen her chances for all around gold  be dashed. However even though heartbroken, she handled it with poise, grace, and well wishes for her two teammates who would go on. Today in London, Jordyn helped lead Team USA to the gold medal.

This is the epitome of grace, confidence, and beauty and she is a wonderful representation not only of the USA but also of Michigan and her hometown of DeWitt.  Congratulations, Jordyn! You more than earned this.

PS This is Megan Leesa today.

She will start ninth grade in the fall along with her academics she will run cross-country, do high school gymnastics, and run track. 
Best of luck to you both in your futures.


  1. Not many people know this about me but I have watch the Olympics since as long as I can remember usually Figure Skating but as I got older I loved watching the Gymnastic too. But I would always image myself doing what they were doing on the TV. Watching Jordyn this year makes me realize that dreams are not a waste of time but a treasure we need to hang on too. Not just for us but to inspire others that might be struggling! <3 Thank you for posting this!! <3

  2. She is an inspiration. She will be remembered for how well she handled the stuff that came at her this week far longer than she will be remembered for winning a gold medal.

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