Sunday, July 8, 2012

Opportunity--Take Flight

Pelicans flying over the beach on Kiawah Island, South Carolina. I will admit to being intrigued by these amazing birds. They are very impressive when diving for fish.

However I only believe in taking flight if God equipped you with that capability or if you're on an airplane. Sometimes, when opportunity strikes it feels somewhat like taking flight.

2012 has had an amazing start for me. I found a wonderful condo to rent on Kiawah Island for the winter. Little did I dream I'd fall in love with the area, nor did I expect to make so many wonderful friends. I did not want to leave in mid-April.

My first book in my Macy McVannel series was released on my birthday this year. That was a wonderful bonus from my publisher. We kicked off sales with a book launch in May in West Branch, MI. There were about a dozen people. They were a great audience and we had some good dialog. Unfortunately we didn't have books. Overlooking that I sold two that night and one of my poetry books. All books were mailed out as soon as they arrived. Kudoes to the Ogemaw Voice the local paper that did a pre an post write up.

We followed that up with a book signing in Montrose, MI. I have lived there the ten years prior to moving to West Branch. It is still where my daughter calls home. It was also close enough to my hometown to draw in family and friends. And a few high school friends I'd not seen in years. All in all we had a great turn out and  sold a few books.

I continue to support Tanners Totes, Inc with a percentage of my book sales. ( I believe in giving back and I like what Tanner Smith is doing. If you are looking for a charity please check out the website.

As a result of that night, I am booked for a book signing at Charlin's Book Nook in Frankenmuth, MI on July 28th. This will strictly be a sit and sign. The book store will handle all of the sales. I just need to sign the books and talk to patrons. The Genesee County Herald has done a pre-book signing write up and will follow up with photos after the signing.

I have spoken to the Director of the Otsego County Library and they are looking at scheduling a book signing sometime in October or November. Why would I want to go to Gaylord, MI? Well, the short version is that McVannel was my grandmother's maiden name. My mom grew up in Gaylord. There are many people there who will recognize the name. So I think it might be a good gathering.

My publisher, Unforgettable Books, Inc. has not been sleeping on the job either. She has contacted CNN for a possible interview. We are waiting to hear. She is also looking for places to send Macy Deux (two) for pre-release reviews. She has a line on many and I sent her a list of every newspaper in the country that does book reviews. We'll see what comes of it.

I am heading for Bouchercon 2012 in October.( This is THE conference for mystery writers from around the world. They are expecting 1800 participants. I am waiting to hear if I will be included on a panel of speakers. John Connolly will be there to MC the event. Authors such as Lee Childs--the Jack Reacher novels will be there, Mary Higgins Clark is getting her lifetime achievement award, Robin Cook will be there along with a host of others.

Black Friday will see the release of Macy book 2 Crossing the Line. I am looking forward to that. I have the first chapter of book three Something Borrowed, Something Blue already for inclusion in Crossing the Line.
I am working on a co-authored book and cannot wait to sink my teeth into it.

While I am in South Carolina in the winter of 2013 I have a couple of opportunities One is to do some writing workshops at an elementary school in the area. The other is to be a part of Book Tour 2013. That will include book signings in Savannah, GA, Charleston, SC, Columbia, SC, and Charlotte, NC. With the possibility of a signing at Indigo Books on Johns Island.

Who knows where the opportunities will take me. I was offered a chance to apply for a position as editor at a different publishing company. I chose to turn that down. It is not a genre I read and I don't want to edit something I'm not likely to care about. It's not fair to the writers.

I am open to new and exciting things. Especially as it goes with my writing. There are a couple projects I have percolating. I want to be relocated before I delve into them. I know they will be well received.
What opportunities do you have for taking flight?

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