Saturday, July 21, 2012

Break In Update

While no one is in custody. They do know that it is a group of three, two males and a female. They also know that they are driving a red van. I have no clue as to whether or not it is a panel van or mini van. I have notified my two closest neighbors.

My young man who was going to mow my lawn has turned up missing. I got a frantic phone call from his mother this morning and he did not come home last night or call. He was last seen with his girlfriend and she is not answering her phone either.

Can things just stop going wrong? I will probably drag myself out tomorrow early. I need a couple of plastic boxes for packing up my desk. I will get the gas for the mower at the same time. I'll mow as much as I can by hand and then get to packing up the desk.  I will stop at the local grocery store and see if I can get some egg boxes to pack up my china and get that done too.

I am going to keep busy.


  1. Oh poor you, what a horrible week you are having. Hope it all gets better very soon.

  2. Thanks, Sally. Never felt afraid in my home before.


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