Thursday, July 19, 2012

When Home Isn't Safe

While this is not how it looks, this is how it feels. Last night person or persons unknown attempted to break into my house. It seems my arrival at home scared them off. All they managed to do was break the screen in the window. Nothing appears to be missing. No drawers were gone through. I have checked and double checked for missing items.

All electronics are where they were. All jewelry is where it belongs. All vital papers are where they belong. So, I know they didn't get anything.

The sad thing is that I heard them outside my window early on Monday morning. They must have been casing the house at that time trying to figure out the best way in. They picked my bedroom window as it cannot be seen from anywhere and there is a woods right there to escape into.

My house no longer feels safe to me. It is not a haven where I come to relax and get away from the world. It has been violated.

Many of my valuables have been packed up as I am downsizing in an effort to get my house ready for sale. I cannot imagine that the things I find valuable would interest anyone else. But nothing that is of great importance is gone.

I have locked the first floor windows that have locks. Because they are sliders, I have placed wood in the lowest three. I will be getting wood pieces tomorrow for the other three. Beware a hammer now will rest in my bed and I know how to wield it. Shooting lessons are next. First I will invest in a bow and some arrows, I am competent with those.

I learned from the state police trooper this morning that there were a couple of other attempts in the area last night. That does not make me happy. This has always been a quiet and safe area. But my house is protected from noise by lilac bushes and trees. The back of my house is bordered by an overgrown forest. My new neighbor has not done anything with that part of his lawn yet. Since it provides him with privacy, he might not do anything with it. As the other side of his house is also tree lined.

What I do know is that I look at home security much different now than I did just twenty-four short hours ago.




  2. I don't know where you are (state), but I would invest in a used shotgun and a competent handgun.

    Also, a motion camera would be helpful, that is, one of those hidden ones.

    Blocking the window is cool, but windows are easily broken out. A sign or sticker on the window can help loads.

    One other tip before I move on. A good, loud dog.

    I hope you find some peace returning to your life very soon. Simple security measures will go a long way towards that.

  3. Thanks, Jeremy. I am looking into shooting lessons. I get that a window is no deterrent to someone who really wants in. I have a security light but it's on the front of the house. Going to have to look into something for the back. No dog. I am not an animal lover and I travel too much to have a dog. But thanks for the suggestions.

  4. Hi Rebecka,

    This is terrible! I'm thankful you are okay, and that nothing was taken. I have a feeling we will all see more of this as time goes on. The world is getting to be a scary place.

    I don't blame you at all for not feeling safe. There was a break in at my house years ago and all the electronics were stolen, the drawers and closets rifled through and dumped out. It was awful. I did have the windows locked and sticks in the tracks, but they broke the window with a rock.

    We were out of town and returned that evening, but it was very late. I have a feeling we just missed the thieves because my cats were still in the house and hadn't gotten out. We knew something was wrong when the front door was open, and then we saw stuff strewn about everywhere.

    Of course we called the police, but they couldn't get any fingerprints off anything.

    However, a couple weeks later, they caught the criminals who admitted to the crime, but we never did get anything back that was stolen. I imagine it was hocked right away.

    The scary thing about this was that the thieves had been living in a vacant house across the street, unbeknownst to anyone. They had hopped the fence and broken in the back and no one ever saw them come and go, so they must have done that in the middle of the night. The house had been vacant for months with no activity and finally a realtor showed it to someone and discovered that people were squatting in it. There was trash and sleeping bags, etc all over. No people around, but they did find a wallet so were able to track some of the people down that way.

    It gave me chills to think they probably watched us for months to see what our schedule was. That thought was really creepy.

    I would definitely invest in a gun and learn how to use it and then keep it by your bed. In the meantime, keep pepper spray handy, or even a can of wasp spray that you can use on any intruders, if no pepper spray is available. I've heard that those cans can shoot a great distance and will disable someone if you get it in their eyes, so you can escape at least. That is just a thought.

    Also a security sticker for the window won't hurt. Motion detector lights and security cameras can also be a deterrent.

    Best wishes and stay safe.


  5. Sunni,
    Thank you for sharing. They know this is trio, two guys and a girl. I have alerted the neighbors and am being vigilant.

    I will be looking into more security. Not sure what yet. I have a security light but it's on the front of the house. Going to figure out something for the back now.

    Currently have a hammer in the bed with me. Will b looking into a gun and other forms of security.

  6. How awful for you Rebecka,

    Have never had my house broken into but was the victim of bag snatching (from our car) in France once, and that was bad enough

    Just as well you are thinking of moving. I'm not sure about the suggestions re guns, most Aussies woud not dream of posessing a firearm. Certainly the security lighting sounds a good idea.

  7. Pauline,
    I have never thought seriously of owning a gun until now. I'm not sure my hammer will do enough damage if they try again. Thoughts of moving have been festering for a couple of years now.
    For the second time this year, I am almost a prisoner in my own home. I don't like that feeling. At least I am not wasting my time. The house will soon be all packed up for moving.

  8. I can't begin to imagine the jumble of different emotions that you are feeling, but I hope you are able to recover. No one else has suggested an alarm service, but those are very useful if you can get it.
    Whatever you choose, be careful.
    I found your blog from LinkedIn and I am glad that I did. Look forward to happier post in the future.

  9. Thank you for your kind words. I think a motion sensor light is in order. I'd say things are looking up but I am still afraid to sleep at night. I am okay during the day, but the nights make me crazy.
    Hope to have happier posts in the future.

  10. How awful for you. It seems that the very things we loved about our homes,quietness and privacy and lovely views of fields behind the house are the things that make it easier for thieves to break into. I hope you get things sorted and feel safer.

  11. Anne, things are looking up. While I still have moments when I don't feel safe they are getting to be fewer and farther between.


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