Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Woo Hoo

Galley proof was delivered to my door about half an hour ago. I will be doing my final edits. You probably won't hear much from me for a day or two. I'm not lost, just lost in my work.

I am looking into the possibility of a book launch...with two possible sites. So possibly two launch parties. Much thought and planning are going into those.

I have been interviewed by the local paper in West Branch. They have offered to cover any book launch I do there. The other possibility is to do a book launch in my hometown and have that local paper cover it.

Right now I am working on finding sites to hold one or both of those. Lining up food and catering, and planning and organizing what we hope the party to accomplish. That means I could be writing a mini mystery for the guests to solve while at the party. Photo ops, autographs, book sales, giveaways. The list is endless. I'm not sure if we could be wired to do anything for those people on-line who are interested but we are checking into that. I'll keep you posted.

Happy reading.


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