Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Only to Me

So who goes on a trolley tour and gets rear ended by a semi? Yep that would be me. Who then proceeds to get in her car to drive home and gets stung by an unidentified stinging insect. You got it...Me. Who then gets a text says that her granddaughter is in urgent care getting x-rays of both feet because they could be broken. Yes, me again. She had too much push while vaulting and missed the mat and landed both feet into the floor. At the moment, they are not broken, but the radiologist has not read them. Finally, who is sitting on the sofa minding their own business, uploading photos and watching idiot TV and has their neck start throbbing??? Why yes, that would be me. Possibly whiplash from being rear ended? Won't know until I make it to urgent care in the morning. Too tired to drive there tonight. It's been one of those days. Can it be over now? TTFN PS Safe evening to you all.

1 comment:

  1. I will you to feel better, sis. :-)


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