Sunday, February 12, 2012

Today's Lesson: Ask the Price First

I have been her for just over a month now. I keep hearing raves about the Champagne Brunch at the Jasmine Porch. It is one of the restaurants here on the resort and is located at The Sanctuary. The premier hotel on the island. So I called on Saturday to make reservations for one.

The restaurant is elegant in that old world low-country style so popular here. Brunch is served buffet style. They put the menu in front of me and I almost fainted. Mind you I am not the fainting type. Adults $56 and children between 4-12 $20.50. I get that it is gourmet food...big deal. I hate that kind of stuff most of the time.

Breakfast portion: Bacon or sausage, Bourbon French toast...didn't taste any different than French toast made with Texas toast. Swiss cheese quiche. Not bad, not exceptional. Some fresh fruit.
There were three salads: the pasta salad had a good flavor, the potato salad was not bad. I did not try the water chestnuts, dried cherries and fig dressing salad as I could not identify the greens...we all know I have lettuce allergies.

The fish table had chilled oysters on the half-shell and shrimp for cocktails. I tried three of the shrimp. The third one not completely peeled just about gagged me.

Main dinners were a pork ( I prefer my pork done not pink in the center) with rice. The rice was good flavored.
The butternut squash and bitter chocolate ravioli was wonderful.
I skipped the shrimp and salmon...but then I don't eat fish.
I did have some rib eye steak, but it too was a bit rare for my tastes.

I missed the dessert table. Probably a good thing. There was some spaghetti and meatballs, more for the children....not that I saw any.

I did get one glass of mimosa...sorry but that champagne just ruined the orange juice. I am not fond of champagne to start out with.

It was edible, but I left hungry. It is not someplace I would ever go again or recommend to anyone. I'd like to upload the photos I took with my phone but I'm having issues with that.

All in all a disappointing outing that was way over priced. I have now learned to ask the price of things first.


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  1. Bah, too bad. I wish it was more enjoyable for you!!! But, that's WAY too expensive!



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