Sunday, February 26, 2012

Week's End

I know I am supposed to have something profound to say. But alas, I am at a loss. It was an interesting week. I must admit the jarring from the trolley accident while it didn't seem like much, has caused me to think differently about aging. It goes along with the I don't bounce theory I tried out a couple years ago. My body doesn't easily realign itself either. The plans for my first book launch are coming together well. Now if the other library would cooperate, it would be wonderful. I have a cousin looking into a book launch at her library also. So, I am tentatively making plans for three. The book itself has gone to press. We are still looking at release on Tues. also on Kindle and Nook. Possibly on Kobo, but not sure on that. The resort is filling up. Some of the new tenants are better than others. Those that party in the parking lot knowing that all bedrooms face the parking lot need to be shot. I am not fans of them. Either they wised up or someone told them to move. See I am not cut out for living this close to people. I am ready to move into the next book. I did some editing on it last week. Hopefully I made it better. It has taken a twist I had not considered and I need to see where it is going and how it got there. Sometimes my characters do things unexpectedly. That makes my writing interesting. I need to get started on my mini mystery for the book launch. I have the item to locate. I need to write something that can be solved in less than 2 hours. In the meantime, I am calling it a day and taking a good book to bed. Happy reading all. TTFN

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