Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Time for a Book Review

The Broken Sword by Liane Moonraven
Unforgettable Books Inc

Riveting story, gripping suspense, could not put it down. Liane crafts characters who are believable for their flaws, as well as their strength in adversity.

Lady Carlota is feminine without being simpering. She is strong of mind and body. She is quick to defend her Arthur and his knights. Her kindness wins her more affection than even she can imagine.

Arthur is not blind to the beauty of his wife. He is smart enough to teach her defense methods should an enemy attack her. He is a loyal man and respected by his men. He has a sixth sense for danger before it happens, yet needs time to figure out where. Once he does there is no other course of action for him.

Mathias, the villain, in a knight’s disguise is wonderfully written. When we first meet him we love him. As a young man he seems kind and gracious. When he disappears it makes us wonder if this was his plan all along. In his heart he knew she would go on with her life, but never expected that life to be lived out in front of him.

The events that threw Carlota, Arthur, and Mathias together set in motion what would make or break the sanctity of the round table. The book was very hard to put down. I enjoyed it thoroughly and look forward to the next book.

Now you must know that this book has not yet been released. I promise to revisit this blog again when it is.


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  1. Honestly sounds like a good book, what is the title of the book and the author I would like to read it, if it is in my local Library.



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