Friday, December 16, 2011

I Hate Change

I am the first to admit I dislike change...most of the time. I like moving from the cold in Michigan to some warm destination for winter. I love the change in the seasons.

But this Facebook craze with it's constant changes. Goes to show what happens when children are in charge. Everything has to change constantly. They live in the gratify me NOW world. I don't live there. I believe simple is best. I like simple, I understand simple. Anymore I only deal with complex when writing a scene in a book. I've made my life simple. I like it that way.

So, on Dec 22nd or there about when Facebook makes all its users got to the timeline thing. I will be done. I'll leave my book profile up and the one for the women's writing group. But the other is way too much information. I have deleted most of the information part of my profile. I did that for a reason. I don't want random photos of me popping up. I like my privacy, too. This is stepping over the line. I have other social networks I can use.

I am also in the process of setting up a new website. I'm hoping to have that up soon after the first of the year. It will contain my current blog, so you won't have to go looking for me. That is unless the only place you read me is on Facebook. Because I won't be there anymore. Might be a good time to subscribe to the blog before you lose me and have to go searching.

That's another whole item. I get a headache just looking at Facebook now. I cannot imagine the mess this timeline thing will create. Saving my eyes and sanity for the important things.


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