Friday, December 6, 2019

The Writer Whisperer

The Writer Whisperer is the name a person who is helping me develop a brand came up with. Because I like water colors I chose aqua as the color for my logo.

 I attended the Igniting Souls Conference the end of October. During a mastermind session it was determined purple is my power color. As a result my logo was changed.

I also learned part of my branding should portray me as a sage grandmother in a red hat. The theory is who wouldn't trust a grandmother. So, following are some shots I hope to use as branding.
Traditional grandmother with her pot of tea.

Grandma can rock the baseball cap, too.
Interacting with a two year old.
Done for the day.

After  the two year old left.

One last shot.
So, have I got the branding right? I think I will need some new ones come spring.  Do you have a favorite?


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