Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Big News

I am one step closer to opening a new business. I sent my information to the lovely lady who will be doing my first two landing pages and eventually my website. So, what did I send her? 

People have to know who they are dealing with and photos tell it best. This is one of several she has to choose from. Thank you to Holly Denstedt Photography for these.

Second I sent this:

This is one of my logos. Businesses need logos. I went with just a signature. I also sent her a Facebook logo which needs some minor changes.  It will be ready soon. I have one for Twitter, too. 

Finally, as soon as things are in place, I will be going live on both Facebook and PeriScope. I am looking forward to seeing everyone. 

It is finally coming together, I feel like it's a dream come true.


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