Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Getting Ready to Slay Social Media

What  this really means, is you will see more posts from me, I will be preparing to go live. I'm setting up my calendar now. I will have enough material to go through to July, 2018. When I will start all over again. New images, new posts, new stuff.

I am having my photo shoot in less than a week. I cannot begin to tell you how excited I am. Hoping Holly Denstedt Photography can work some miracles with this old woman. I need to look like a business woman.

Working on Macy book four. Need to dig out two and three for some reference points. Then it will move on again. Also working on an e-book with 365 writing prompts, to help writers jumpstart their work. Or to break a writer's block.

I am putting together products/services, preparing for virtual classes, local workshops, week-end workshops, a conference and a week-long writer's retreat. Which does not include the year end bash. Coaching sessions and mentoring will also go along with this. Don't forget the membership group and local Meet-ups just as soon as I can find a writer friendly location. Also VIP days. Really eager to get started, but all the behind the scenes stuff has to come first.

Once the photos are in we are looking at a brand new website, landing pages, the membership group, and virtual classes. I will be going live as soon as the website and landing page is done. Virtual classes will begin shortly thereafter.

Can you feel the excitement???? I know I can. It is coming together better than I ever imagined it could. This is the dream job of a lifetime and I get to live it. Pinch me, please. 

The best part is everyone who reads this gets to come along on the journey. May it be as awesome for you as it is for me.


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