Monday, September 18, 2017

When Electronics Aren't What they Claim to be

In August I bought a Verizon hotspot. Don't. I chatted with a young man on-line about the fact it was not working. I had not gotten the paperwork for my rebate. He credited me $30 and told me to take it back for a refund. Seven days after I purchased it, I took it into GoWireless the Verizon store on Dixie Hwy and Andersonville Roads in Waterford. The manager was not in so, they could not give me a refund. I went back in two days later and still no manager. (I firmly believe this is because he lied to me about the capabilities of the hotspot). He will not answer his phone when called from work. So, once again I go home with it. Where it sits in a box because dial-up computer would be faster.

Saturday I get my phone bill for $217.75. Um I never signed up for this. So, I get on-line and chat with a lovely young woman named Tasha. Who gets my bill almost back to what it was, but I need to take the hotspot into GoWireless and return it. At this point I don't want a refund, I just want it off my phone bill. So, this morning I take it into GoWireless, where once again the manager is AWOL and they won't take it back or off my bill. I've had it more than 30 days. Seriously????

I went home, took a deep breath, found last months Verizon bill and called the 800 number on the back. Imagine I got a hold of Tina, Verizon needs to keep her. She tried to call the store and they kept hanging up on her. She is writing a report for her manager reporting the store. If the home store can't get through, the customer is not exaggerating.  She was able to take if off my bill.  And I am the proud owner of a worthless hotspot.

If you know anyone who needs one,  I will give it to you for what I paid for it plus the shipping to get it to you. You can get Verizon to power it on for you. (Price was $53 normally $169.99) Shipping would be about $7 with insurance.  Just let me know.

I am happy to have my bill fixed and am remaining a Verizon customer, however Sprint and AT&T were looking pretty good.

Problem solved by calm minds and courtesy.

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