Tuesday, April 29, 2014

I have failed

I got a mouth infection which has taken me to a pain I have never known before. In trying to find sustenance and keeping my mouth from getting worse, I have neglected my blog. I have failed at getting in 365 photos. I have failed at completing the a-zbloggingchallege. Just plain old failed.

You have missed some great photos:
This guy turned 13. He's just amazing. He's playing YMCA basketball waiting for junior high baseball to start. His is a team of misfits; those who have played basketball, those who think they can play basketball, those who have played pick up basketball in their neighborhoods, and those who have never played but needed to get off the sofa. A week or so ago at a game Jason had an open court to a lay up shot. He could have made it. Instead he looked for an open teammate. It happened to be one of those who needed to be off the sofa and not a real good player. Jay passed to him anyway. In going up for the shot, his teammate was fouled. The result was two free throws. He got one of them.  Great ego boost for a kid who has never played. My daughter blubbered at the awesomeness of her son's act. Jason, shrugged as if to say: Hey, it was the right thing to do. Love this guy.

and this one:
Yeah, this one again. Just a warning she's driving now. So, if you are in the Lansing area be on the look out. Not only that, she got her first job yesterday and will start next week. Not only beautiful but smart, too. Was honored for academics at the award ceremony a week or so ago. Love her too. Proud of you, too Megs.

I have not downloaded the icicles that found themselves hanging from my roof last Tues. I am more than ready for winter to be totally gone. My parents were in Vanderbilt over the weekend and they got snow. Um, that is an hour and a half north of me. No, thanks.

So, the mouth is still a mess. My talking is hard to understand, but I am surviving. Life is moving on. Maybe tomorrow I'll start doing photos again for real.



  1. HUGS Taking care of yourself and your family is NEVER a fail! Sorry still in pain dear hope it passes. That is a very inspiring story about your son :)

    1. Thank you, Claire. I am slowly mending. It was my grandson, thank you. He's a pretty amazing kid for 13.


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