Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Saga of the Mouse or is it Mice?

I returned home from two nights away. There was a disgusting odor when I opened the back door. Foolish me thought it was the Clorox tab in the toilet. If only I could have been that lucky.

Two boxes of DeCon had been completely emptied. Seems my critter friends were stockpiling for the long winter. We all know what that does when eaten. Well it worked. Do you think I can find the little devil? The smell is worse in the living room/kitchen. I have looked everywhere, under sofa cushions, under sofas, behind the entertainment center and I've emptied every waste basket in the house. I've got windows open and fans on hoping to drive the smell out.

I have I mentioned that I hate mice? I have yet to find a purpose for them and a friend reminded me yesterday that hawks dine on them. Okay so then they should stay in the fields. I don't own a hawk.

This is me....animal Don't wish them harm just not fond of them. Don't want any pets. The last thing I want is a mouse.

The search will continue and tomorrow I will be tearing my house completely apart. This when I have finally got it clean and clutter free for the most part.


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  1. I do not like mice or a mouse period. End of story, they can stay outside.
    ~Savannah Gordon~


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