Saturday, September 3, 2011


I attended a funeral today. It made me do some serious thinking. This is the second funeral for a veteran since July.

The first veteran was my neighbor and he was a wonderful man. He often mowed my lawn when I was working. He served during the Korean War. I cannot say I know any other Korean War Vets. He did not talk about it and I did not ask him. He shared so many other things and I will miss him.

Today was another neighbor. She had served as a WAVE in WWII. I knew she'd been in the service. I knew she was a country school teacher. I also knew that her husband grew up in the house I now live in. I did not know that she found comfort in my security light coming on each night. I wonder how much I missed not knowing her better.

We lose soldiers every day and mourn the loss of young life. I wonder do we understand what lose every time a Veteran dies? The history, the service, the rich life lived. Many of what Tom Brokaw called 'The Greatest Generation' are gone. They lived through The Great Depression, they lived off the land, they took many traditions and skills with them when they died. My family lost the last of our 'Greatest Generation' in 2001. My parents are among the oldest in our family. They are depression babies. They were not wealthy. They worked hard for what they have. My dad still farms. He is what I call a gentleman farmer. He raises chickens and plant about a quarter of an acre. Mom freezes beans and makes her own spaghetti sauce. When I was a kid we didn't go back to school shopping. Mom made us a new outfit. It is from her I learned to sew. It is from my dad that I learned to embroider and crochet.

These are the things we take for granted until they are gone. Learn what you can from those around you. Age has great wisdom. RIP Bill Clemens and Hazel Butler.

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