Saturday, September 24, 2011

Things are Progressing

Author press kit is written. Synopsis of the first book is done. Links to all my books, twitter, LinkedIn, and facebook have all been sent to my publisher. Things are progressing.

I cannot begin to tell you how excited I am. We haven't even begun the next phase of editing yet. There is still much to do.

I will be shopping for a new laptop in the next couple of weeks so that I can get my website up and running and get back to work on the second novel. I have much to do. I also have an idea for the third one, I'm just not sure all the legal side that it will entail. I may need a computer specialist to consult with. Right now it's all just thoughts.

First things first, get this book published and book two in the series finished.

I am slowly mending from my fall. I suspect it will be a good six weeks before I can say that I am totally healed. Tail bones weren't meant to take all your weight at once. The donut I was loaned did not hold up. I need to repair it so I can continue to use it.

I am enjoying the tasks set for me by the publisher. It makes me feel a part of the process. I will let you know when promotion begins. As I have a week-long promotion coming up in October. A speaking engagement the first part of November and who knows what all after that. I will be busy until I head to warmer climates in January.

Hope you have your projects lined up.

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