Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Better Get Back to Blogging

I have been so busy that I have neglected my blog. I have finished my third short story. Time to get them ready for the contest. Then we will make covers and have them printed as ebooks. I am looking forward to that. I have finished the second round edits on my novel. I am very pleased with how that is shaping up. Cover art and a book trailer soon.

I am enjoying the peacefulness on the island. I have learned that winter is the down time here. I can hear the ocean all day. I can walk for miles on the beach and not see another soul. They are very nature conscious here and there is a bird sanctuary. I am finding my way at least back to the spot where I turned to come onto the island.

I have had a blast with glass fusing at Turtle's Nest Craft Cove. Ally has been very helpful. I am learning how to use the tools and mix the colors to achieve what I want.

I've made pendants and a candle holder.

I have learned there is a kiln at my parents. I will pick that up on my way home in the spring. I am learning everything I can in the meantime. I love doing the glass fusing.

Not much washes up on the beach which I found surprising. I've found a couple shells and a piece of drift wood. I was hoping to find more shells and a sand dollar or two. I will keep looking.

I am eager to dig into my second book in the series. Even my reviewers are asking for more. That is a good feeling. I am also behind on my book reviews. I have to learn to space myself. I am trying to get those done.

I've had a couple of on-line interviews. The latest can be found at shahsight.com. I was interviewed on a book I had reviewed. I am working hard to get my name known. New marketing campaign and website are in the works.

So, now everyone is caught up. I can go be lazy some more.


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  1. Keep yourself busy but keep enjoying yourself. Youre not missing anything around here but snow snow and more snow :) I love and miss you so much!! Hugs!


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