Sunday, January 8, 2012

Almost Human Again

I think I have survived. My mouth feels better and most of my congestion is gone. I spent yesterday sleeping. The sofa is very comfortable. I did rouse myself a couple of times to find food.

After tossing and turning last night I came to life late today. I was amazed at how much better I felt.

I did take an early walk on the beach. Found that a Portuguese Man of War jelly fish had washed ashore. Of course, I hadn't taken my camera. I also learned that beyond where I enter the beach are private homes...okay mansions. Some very plain and others very ornate. I'll be sure to get pictures. There were many more people on the beach today. Still way to cold for swimming.

Spent the evening reading a rough draft of a novella for an author friend. I do so hate cliffhangers. It was a great read. I enjoyed it thoroughly. Did some editing as I went, suggestions only.

Now I am about ready to call it a day. I'm sure I will find much to do in the coming weeks. Finishing my short story is the first priority. Getting the second one down so it meets the word count is another and finally finishing my second novel. And also the much talked about release of my new novel. So, I do have much to keep me busy.


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  1. I wish I could have shared the stroll on the beach with you! What a find, a Man of War jelly fish? (I'm totally awed that you know what that is, by the way)

    It sounds so peaceful and serene where you are. I may have to plan a weekend trip!


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