Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Wild Wednesday

As October goes it's been a super month. Today however, we are getting a taste of weather to come. The wind picked up during the night and it drizzled all morning.

Ran to the post office and took care of my other errands. Stopped to see a neighbor and drop off some things for her. Has rained pretty much all afternoon and evening. Now we have a high wind warning. They are expecting power outages. I've heard of some in the area already. I am worried that the breaker out front will pop at any time. Things are so bad they are asking people to bring in anything that might blow away and cause damage. There goes my for sale sign again. I'm going to need a new one.

The afghan project I'm working on should be done on Friday. Sad part is I put a couple pieces together today and then had to take them apart. Taking them apart took longer than putting it together. Ugh. Tomorrow will find me sitting on the bed finishing up putting it together. It is so big right now that I have to have it spread out to see what pieces I need. Once it is put together I can do the trim row from anywhere. Going to have to think long and hard about whether I would ever do this again.

I am picking up a Twitter following. The author spotlight is getting some attention. I'm looking for some material for two more short stories. I have several possibilities. It's a matter of which ones I can work into 5,000 words and have them be complete. I have a novel to finish. I'll get to that soon.

I thought retirement was supposed to give me time to relax. I'm busier now than I ever thought I could be. Between the writing, speaking, crochet projects, and family commitments I hardly have time to breathe. I do find time for myself. I am enjoying every day more than I had ever dreamed I would.

There is a new adventure around every corner. I will take them as they come. I'll remember many and forget a few, but they will have been a part of who I am.


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