Monday, October 3, 2011

Fall is in the air

As much as I dislike cold weather, I must admit that I love the changing colors of the trees in the fall. Due to my recent tumble I won't be hiking anytime soon which makes me sad. Today was one of those beautiful days. Sixty-eight degrees with just a bit of a breeze. I did get out a bit but mostly because I was running errands.

The stores are full of Halloween goodies. I must admit that's another thing I dislike, but it is deep rooted in a childhood incident. I love homemade cocoa, not the drop in add water stuff. I could wish for a fireplace now would be a good time to light a fire and curl up with a good book.

Things with the new book are progressing. I will keep you posted on those events. I have an 'Author Highlight' coming up in a couple of weeks and I have three others that I am looking into. I have a speaking engagement in early November. Somewhere in there I have to find the time to work on book edits and the second book in the series.

I have one more gift to get for Sweetest Day...yes, I do celebrate that holiday. And no if you look it up is was not started by the card companies. It was started by a philanthropist in Detroit during the depression. He was trying to do something nice for poor children and gave them all candy. Hence the name. I don't usually give candy and my gifts are confined to my immediate family.

I am looking forward to some hot apple cider with a cinnamon stick. Always another good fall treat. Dad gave me some apples off his tree when he stopped by yesterday. Love fresh apples. Candy apples are my not the caramel ones. They used to be a fair treat.

Now that I have waxed poetic for the day I'm off to work on a project.


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