Monday, October 17, 2011

Monday Madness

First, this is my week to be featured at so stop in and check it out. Charlene Wilson did an awesome job!!!

My beautiful, multi-talented granddaughter ran her championship cross-country meet tonight. She came in 2nd with a time of 12:18 and set a new school record for girls junior high cross-country. She also ran her personal best time. Junior high runners run two miles. She has her last soccer game this coming Saturday.

My handsome athletic grandson ran 60 yards for a touchdown for his team last weekend. He is doing so well. He has basketball season coming up soon.

I am putting together an afghan project that I took on and it's driving me absolutely nuts. I hate pieced afghans. I prefer one I can just crochet and be done with. Getting the pieces made was the first hurdle there are 125 pieces in this one. While I love the Double Wedding Ring pattern, I am learning to hate this afghan. Not sure I will ever make another one. Did I mention this one has to be done by Friday????

Other than winter is trying to move in, it's been a typical Monday. Hope things are going well for you.

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