Thursday, September 1, 2016

When an Offer is too Good to be True

We are all attracted to money. I find it sad when people try to exploit our greed. I have been working for six months to figure out how to offer an on-line writing course which would be meaningful. I have worked on lesson plans and found the first set of plans would not work in the time frame I had set. So, I went back to the drawing board.

I have bounced the idea off friends on offering a local writing course. There is a possibility I could offer it at the local library, but I don't want to price it out of the realm of allowing people to attend. I have been working on how I would put a workbook together for this class if it ever materializes.

When I am contacted by a gentleman on LinkedIn. He offered me a conference in Las Vegas in Sept. I looked at his introductory video and was extremely interested. I did a conference call with him for fifteen minutes and he sent me tickets to his conference. It all sounded wonderful. I was excited and began making plans to attend.

You know there's a catch right? I looked at his website regarding the conference which is running four days. The second two days would cost me about $2200. Oh wait, I don't think so. In the long run I'd be putting out more money than I have. Even his six months payment plan would break me.

So, I have been sitting here tonight working out lesson plans. I am to lesson thirteen with the option to give away five lessons. I'm going to hire a business coach for a couple of months and we are going to work on getting it fine tuned along with the marketing program. And I won't be spending $2200. I'm looking for someone to video tape for the on-line. I'm tossing around the idea of taping the actual classes, but think that would be a hindrance. So, when my office is completely set up, I'm going to  see about video taping there.

I know I already have three students who would take the on-line class. I'm sure there might be more. Once it is ready I will launch a huge campaign to bring awareness to it.  I am not looking to build a six figure income, just want to pad my retirement and give myself breathing room.

Reaching people who want to write, is something I want to do. It's personal for me. There was no one reaching out to me when I was looking for writing instruction. I even had a college professor tell me I had talent, but she didn't know how to help me develop it. Sad, commentary on college, there. I've read everything on writing and gone to writing workshops and conferences. I've been part of an on-line critique group. I was part of a writing group. I want to create an atmosphere for writers. This to me is the best way to do it.

While the program in Las Vegas is wonderful, it is out of my price range. I know you have to invest money to make money. I do that. I will continue to do that, just not as much money as they think I need to invest.

Know what you are getting into. I learned before I spent too much.



  1. Definitely words of wisdom! Why does there always have to be a catch? It makes me sad that we can't trust what people tell us, and that they have ulterior motives to exploit us. I definitely want to hear more about your online class when you get it up and running. I doubt if I can afford it right now, but I definitely want to keep it in mind!

    1. Josie, it will be on here when it is up and running. The idea is to make it affordable. So, I'm working on it. The workbook will be offered as part of the class not in addition to.


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