Thursday, September 29, 2016

The New Journey

I haven't posted much on this as I have been unable to shop for the foods I need. Payday has arrived and my list is long.

Let me start with what I have done. Since last Saturday (Sept 24, 2016) I have been trying to use the foods I have on hand to eat close to 600 calories. I have run from 580 calories to 642 calories. Yesterday was one of the best days so far. Am fasting blood sugar was 127, a little high, but more in range than out. I ate lunch exactly two hours later because I was heading to back to back meetings. Before lunch sugars were 207. I was not thrilled. However, bedtime sugars ran 123. I decided to cut  my bedtime insulin to 10units from 15units. It was a wise move. My am fasting blood sugar was 99. That is within the normal range.

I have all the supplements needed. I have not added any of them. I had an allergic reaction to a prescription med....broke out in a rash and looked like the bride of Frankenstein. The rash is slowly going away. To be on the safe side, I will only add one supplement at a time and will take it for two weeks before adding another. (I did up my vitamin doses to match those in the book).

The book for those who didn't get the memo is Done with Diabetes put out by Constitutional Health. It runs $37. It's a quick read and makes a ton of sense.

Have I lost any weight? I won't know until next Thurs. morning when I go in for my annual physical. I only get weighed at the doctors. I do not own a scale.
Although the goal weight I am shooting for is 120. I am not a number on a scale. I am a person and will not let my life be controlled by a number. No scales in my house.

I am feeling better. I have some more energy, I've been productive the past five days. If this is what the diet can do for me in five days, I can hardly imagine how I will feel in eight weeks.

I'll update more, with menus and recipes as we go on. This week's big recipe was vegetable soup.

My version:
1 large bottle V8 juice
1 large package frozen broccoli, cauliflower, and carrots
Toss in crockpot on low.
I let mine go overnight.
1 cup of the soup is about 80 calories.

Most of my meals are 200-220 calories.

Best of luck

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