Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Embarking on a New Journey

Most of you know I'm a diabetic. In 2012 I followed the 30 Day Diabetes Cure book. It helped me lose my last twenty-five pounds making a total weight loss of one hundred pounds in five years. It took my blood sugar levels down to within the normal range. I don't know can't tell you why I stopped following the diet.

Recently I find my medications are not working. Adding insulin at night has not changed anything. I've had more normal range blood sugar readings in the past three months than I've had in the past year. However, my A1c has not changed. This only aggravates me. How if I'm doing everything right are things not  changing?

I have come across a new book. Done With Diabetes: 100% Natural System to Rid Yourself of Diabetes and Get Your Life Back. I am still reading the book. I'm about halfway through it. I talked to my endocrinologist today. He says it's okay to try it. According to this book, I should see a dramatic change in seven days. The program is eight to twelve weeks.

While my daughter supports my endeavors to become healthy, she is not thrilled this diet only allows 600 calories/day for the duration of the program. There is a maintenance program to follow. I know I cannot eat more than one thousand calories a day or I will start gaining weight. My goal is to lose the last fifty pounds I need to be rid of. 20% of my body weight would be a loss of 34 pounds. Again, I know my system. I need the extra sixteen pounds to allow for ups and downs in weight.

The one thing which never happened when I was first diagnosed was for my doctor to give me a healthy eating program. And the mess put out by the American Diabetes Association is guaranteed to keep you using Big Pharma. The effectiveness of the med I have been on for seventeen years are lost after about six months, then you have to add other meds, and even more meds, and finally some form of insulin. This is how they continue to allow you to get sicker and sicker.

Well, I'm done. My kidneys are in danger, my liver is also at risk. If I don't take charge the doctors are going to kill me with the help of Big Pharma.

The first thing I intend to give up is this:
My endocrinologist believes I will be able to leave the Levemir behind. That is a savings of $120/year. So, my first step is to lose this.  My hope is today I bought my last box of them. I will keep you posted as I make my way through the book and start the meal plan.



  1. I'm all for holistic approaches and staying away from medications. (This from the daughter/granddaughter of doctor's.) Too often people look to treat the symptoms rather than focus on healing. It's the pound of cure vs an ounce of prevention at work. Thankfully we do live in an age where information is available and we can search out alternative treatments. I wish you the best! What a difficult climb, but look at how far you've come!

  2. It sounds like you've done an amazing job of losing weight and you are working hard to get the diabetes under control or irradiated altogether. YES, you can do it! You will find the right plan for you because you are determined. I'm cheering for you all the way!


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