Sunday, May 4, 2014

Some Days I Should Not be Left on my Own

Anyone who knows me well, knows I follow a different drummer from the so called "normal" world. As I tell my daughter life without me would be dull and boring. She would prefer I do things which won't raise her blood pressure. She worries about me. There are reasons for this.
1) I am her mother....I am her parent.
2) We are close.
3) She was five the first time she came close to losing me....severe allergic reaction to an herbal tea. Ambulance ride, two days in intensive care, two weeks off work.
4) She feels she has to protect me from I am naive. This could be valid.
5) Goes into a panic when I say, "Road Trip."
6) And then there are those times when I do foolish things...sometimes ending up in the emergency room.

She is also my biggest fan. She supports my writing and is great for livening up a book talk. She is proud I have taken charge of my health (losing 98 pounds, getting sugars under control). She's even okay with me selling the house and moving. She's not keen on my being so far a way, but she did come down to visit and knows why I like it there. She even saw a house I was looking at a year sold. :(

She has called me daily since the mouth infection started. She has been concerned, doesn't like it's not getting better. She is almost as frustrated as I am. Add to it the sky high blood sugars and she is fit to be tied.

While my vision is much better, it is no where near what it should be. I took a journey back in time yesterday. Not only did I attend an open house for a cousin who just finished her Master's, it was held in the elementary school I attended. I did not drive by the old home, I should have. But, I did something even better. I had a friend who lives in the area meet me at the school. It was great as Louise has not been in the building since we were in 4th grade. I had been been back once since.It is no longer an elementary school although it has retained the name. It is an adult day care.

Louise and I went to dinner at a local Applebee's. This is old home week in four hours. Louise and I have not seen each other since we were 17. But we had been sidekicks since kindergarten. We did girl scouts, worked in the cafeteria when we were in fourth grade. ( we thought free lunch, 10 cents a day, and the extra desserts on Friday was awesome). We were in band together. We spent time talking about our children and our lives now. Then we fell into the people we used to know. Some she is still in touch with. Some I have not seen since I left Davison at the end of sixth grade. I had texted my daughter when we arrived to let her know I was there safely. Louise and I were having such a good time we were not paying attention to time. My text messages went off and my daughter asked where I was. I told her we had moved in to Applebee's. Problem we discovered is they don't serve breakfast.

I drove to my parents where I dropped off some items. I knew I was tired and it was affecting my eyes, but I also knew I needed to be home. I called my daughter as I was pulling out of my parents' home. Told her I was taking it slow and I'd let her know when I landed.

Driving tired in the daylight is one thing. I try to avoid it. Driving tired at night with eyes not exactly right, let's just say I don't want to do it ever again. I was glad there were clear skies and once I got north of Bay City, there was very little traffic. That's always a good thing.

Today I am just exhausted. Sugars are lower, but still high. And my daughter is still concerned. I love her with all my heart. I do not intentionally set out to upset her, in my world things like that just happen.



  1. -________- I love you more than you know and I occasionally joke that I am raising two teenage girls, it just so happens that one of them is my mother. You are now and always have been my best friend. Your health is as important to me as that of my children.

    1. Love you too, Kiddo. We know life would not be what it is if your mom did not find her way into some comical fixes.


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