Tuesday, May 6, 2014

It's Been a Rough Week

I know it's only Tuesday. So, far no one has died, I haven't needed bail money, and no bodies have been buried. Something which makes it a successful week.

Monday, I called the pharmacy to see if my new med had come in. Lo and behold, my insurance was not going to cover it. It couldn't be ordered if they won't cover it as it is expensive and non-refundable. First thing to set me off. I call Dr's office. Oh they know the paperwork is on the girl's desk but she won't be in until Wed. Hello, I need this so I won't die. Did someone miss this?

Pharmacy called back. Talked to manufacturer. They could get me a 30 day supply on Tues. for free. Yes, I'll take that. I call and make appointment for food allergy testing again. Get that set up and call dr office again. Let them know when testing will be done and that I will be able to get meds on Tues.

Monday night just as I fall asleep my feet cramp. Get up walk it out try again. This went on from 11pm to 2 am. Finally decided to put bedside light on so I would not hurt myself getting out of bed. I finally fall asleep. I am someone who requires a dark room to sleep in.

Today,  I wake to my phone ringing and I know it is important because only those on my favorites list can call while I am sleeping. Dad told me he was bringing up the wood trim I need to paint forthe house. I find myself awake and tired at the same time. Throw my jeans in the wash then decided to put on capris. Take my blood sugar, ugh still high, but below 400. I pack up a box of books and ate a bit.

Called Dad to see if they had started north. Yep, they got six miles and stopped for brunch. Told him I was running some errands but I'd be back before they got here. Stopped at the bank, post office, and headed to the grocery store. Had a few things in the cart when I thought I was going to be sick. Went to the bathroom, false alarm. Picked up the new med and the rest of my groceries, checked out and headed home.

My daughter calls and we talk as I am driving home. I pull in tell her I need to go. Hang up the phone and know I am not going to make it into the house before I get sick. I was right tossed breakfast on the lawn. Pulled myself together, got the food inside and in the fridge. Sat for a couple minutes still regaining composure. Put water on to boil for tea. Had barely sat down with tea when Mom and Dad pulled in. Dad unloaded trim board, put screws in some shelving to prevent it from falling. Learned I had door trim to paint for the breezeway door.

Talked to them a bit as my stomach was still settling. They got ready to call and I walked them out. Dad and I checked on my Hydrangia. This one is yellow. Last year's was blue. They left heading north. They will be back through so we can  take them to dinner in the Clio area on Sunday.

Finally got the stomach settled and had a late lunch. I'm tired. I did not get a dose of the new med. It causes more output from the body and I have no desire to be up all night paying homage to the porcelain god in my bathroom. Which means blood sugars will be too high again tomorrow.

On an up note, the upstairs ceiling was painted Monday. The cedar chest is about cleared off and everything is packed. The plan is to move the boxes to the garage tomorrow. Get the garage ready for the saw horses I'm getting tomorrow so I an paint. I am hoping to pull out the camp stool and get some nails and screws picked up so I can vacuum the breezeway. I am close to being ready to list again. YEAH!!!! I want it sold.

So, as I head to bed, the weatherman tells me rain tomorrow. He might be the first body needing to be buried. I am still looking forward to a good day. This has to improve.



  1. We've had a rough week too so I feel your pain. I wish it was Monday of last week so I could change the many things that went wrong. Now, it's too late and we are dealing with the fallout. However, it will get better for me and for you too. BTW, killing the weatherman won't make it any better if someone has to bail you out. :)

    1. True, Ann. The weatherman need not die. New med is not worth the amount of money they want for it. Am going to natural remedies. Also now have a nurse who will call me monthly to assist in anyway she can. She is a perk of the insurance company. Thanks for the encouragement.


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