Saturday, September 1, 2012


I have waited several years to read a book about the growth of the county I live in. That it happens to be a murder mystery just adds to my wanting to read it. Tonight while watching Alabama run over U of M, I picked up the book and began reading.

I had to put the book down and know that I will never finish reading it. I cannot get past the grammatical errors. If you are writing a book for publication, get an editor. In fact, have several people read it who know something about grammar. The really sad thing, is the book is written the way people here speak. It is not a dialect it is just poor grammar. It is generations of poor grammar and has become accepted.

I truly believe this might have been a best seller outside of this county had someone taken the time to edit the work. This is what happens when people self-publish. I have self-published. I had at least two editors for every book I wrote and then went through the proof copy for final errors. I want people to get my best work and to take me seriously as a writer.

Now I will head to my book shelf to find something suitable to read. Ugh. I was so looking forward to this.


  1. While editing can be expensive, it's so worth the investment. Writers have to see it as a worthy expense in order for it to be of interest to them.

  2. Loss of sales would be a hard thing to take. I was planning to buy this particular book. I won't now.


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