Tuesday, August 28, 2012

First Day of Class

Yesterday was back to the books for college students and instructors. I'd like to say it went off without a hitch. I'd be lying. I was on campus by noon. I had a wonderful meeting with my mentor for English 104. I walked across campus to the security office to get my keys. I have no parking permit yet so feared my car would be ticketed. I was lucky and it was not.

I learned at 4:15pm that my class was in a different building from where I believed it would be. Ugh. I had to scramble to get the testing material I needed so I could have the students take the Nelson-Denny Reading Test. This is a non-graded test that helps me to know where they are. We will take it again to know how far they have come. I managed to get all that and arrived at my classroom at 4:50pm. I was surprised to see most of the students already there. Class begins at 5pm. I had three who had already taken the test and sent them to the library to do some reading. An hour later we were done with the test and those who had already taken it were back. We went over the syllabus, introduced ourselves. They seem to be a good bunch. I am looking forward to Wednesday's class. On Wednesday we meet in the lab in a different building. If you don't think that's confusing....ugh. Ten minutes before my class was over I had students from the next class entering. How rude. It's a good thing we were about done.

Then I had to scramble as I had ten minutes to get back to the other building for my 7pm class. I gathered all the testing materials to take to that class. I had four students who had already taken the test. They were dispatched to the library. One student showed up an hour late as he had been waiting outside the lab. *shakes head* The class went well again we did introductions, and went over the syllabus. This class is currently at 14 instead of the 25 it could have.

Things in both classes went well. I think the make up of the classes is great. Not sure how I got so lucky. Unfortunately because of heat I chose to wear my sandals and not put on nylons. My right foot blistered, broke open, and bled. I am having trouble walking today. I have soaked it in epsom salts, put neosporin cream on it, and bandages. I've taken a couple motrins and I am keeping off it as much as possible. I still have Wednesday night to teach this week. Then I have a week off.

Aside from injuring myself. Things went well and I am looking forward to more time with the students.  All in all not a bad first day.



  1. I am glad you have a good bunch of students! I am so happy for you! I know you love teaching!!! I hope that your foot feels better soon!! Hugs!! <3

  2. Ah, the old "I wore the wrong shoes type of day!" No worries. It appears as if you are on the right track as regards proper healing.

    If I may offer some friendly advice, there are three important things that promote rapid healing

    1. Do not weight bear on that foot as much as you are able.

    2. Keep that rascal elevated as much as possible.

    3. Keep it clean, medicated and take Tylenol or aspirin for that bothersome pain.

    Have fun this semester!

  3. Jen,thanks. It is good to have great classes. Jeremy, stayed off it all day yesterday and kept it elevated. Will soak again and reapply Neosporin then rebandage before class tonight. Funny thing is I wear that pair of sandals everyday without nylons, go figure. Tennis shoes and socks today, just to keep infection from setting in. Thank you for your concern.


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