Sunday, September 30, 2012

Life in the Slow Lane

I'm sure wishing life was moving in the slow lane. Homecoming was last Friday night. The opposing team audience came in droves and wore orange shirts because it is the favorite color of the young girl who was being bullied. They also had banners signed by the entire school they represented. Two other area schools sent representatives to show support, also. The stands were packed and there was pretty much standing room only.

My daughter came home for the first time in 17 years to attend. The hostility from locals was so bad she went to sit with the opposing team audience. I was met with hostility as well. While not all the kids are bad and we never said they were, the senior class of 2012 voted a young man with Downs Syndrome as their King. No it was not a joke. The young man is popular and well loved by his classmates. We left at half-time.

While the big bullying issue has made media attention all over the world. My daughter is still working to get her non-profit set up. She is working on a video montage of people who have been bullied and some photo shoots.

I on the other hand am off to Cleveland for Bouchercon 2012. A conference I have been looking forward to for a long time. I have misgivings about going, but I will make the most of it.

I am working on book three in the Macy McVannel series. While I've dealt with a cold case murder in book one, bullying in book two, book three will tackle abuse. All things you find in small towns as well as big cities. I've been a bit remiss at writing and keeping up with my hubpages on what happens behind the scenes of a novel. Too much life going on, I guess. I will use my time in Cleveland to network and work on that novel.

I am about half way through my semester at the University. While I'm going to miss it when I'm done, I'm going to be glad to have my time back so I can get ready for my winter trek south. It's already too cold here for me.

I am ready for long walks on the beach and the sound of the ocean 24/7. I am ready to immerse myself in writing and just relaxing. I am ready.

My second book in the Macy McVannel series is due out the end of November and I am looking forward to that. I am looking forward to the three book signings in Georgia, and South Carolina. I still have much to do for that.

Meantime, curl up with a good book, have some cocoa and immerse yourself in something outside of life.


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