Friday, June 8, 2012


Congratulations!!!! You've achieved what the "experts" claim is impossible: you're reversing the disease they've labeled incurable. So, take a bow.

Welcome to the Diabetes-Healing Lifestyle. I am willing to bet you are looking, thinking, acting, and feeling better than you were 30 days ago. At least I hope you are, I know I am.

Celebrate by having a total diabetes healing day. Start with a diabetes healing breakfast. Pack up your healing lunch, snacks, and beverages so you won't be tempted to eat anything that will undermine your progress. Make time for physical activity. End the day with a diabetes healing dinner. Here are 10 suggests to make this day all about you.

  1. Get up earlier to give yourself extra time to appreciate the day and your accomplishments. Spend 20-30 minutes quietly contemplating or meditating.
  2. Celebrate with your favorite diabetes healing breakfast. 
  3. Listen to some peaceful music as you eat and dress. Notice the changes you've made in the past four weeks, with a new body, attitude, and living space. 
  4. Remind yourself to buy a big bouquet of flowers. Better yet, have them delivered to work.
  5. Pick a new spot to walk, holding your head up and proudly smiling at every one you meet.
  6. Make a plan to share this remarkable day with your special friends and family members. Let them know what you have accomplished and thank them for their support.
  7. Do something special just for you. 
  8. Remind yourself that you now have every tool to keep progressing toward a full, happy, peaceful, and healthy life.
  9. Feel confident that you're well-equipped for the next phase of your life: Living free of the chains with which disease, pharmaceuticals, and junk food bind you. 
  10. Let yourself feel gratitude for having made this huge change.

It's time for graduation, however this is not the end but the beginning of your new life. Continue to keep a daily journal of your activities and diet as a way of staying on track. 

This has been an awesome journey for me. I have learned that I cannot take 1000 mg of Glucovance with dinner. If I do, my sugars drop drastically low. I like waking up in the morning, so I'm only taking 500mg at night. 

My goals:
  1. Continue to follow the good eating habits I have learned.
  2. Get up and get moving. I need to walk.
  3. Start strength training. My daughter gave me some good exercises to start with.
  4. Recommend The 30 Day Diabetes Cure by Dr. Stefan Ripich to everyone.
  5. Periodically update my blog so you know how I'm doing. 
  6. Take my after photo. Not sure I have a before, but I'll look. I'm not there yet.
  7. Answer any questions about my diabetes that my readers might have. 
Best of luck to you.

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