Thursday, October 26, 2017

My 1st Program Has Launched

Launching is when you market a program and people actually sign up for it. I have been live on Facebook, PeriScope, and YouTube. Seriously, I never dreamed I'd be on any of them.

The link for my 30 days of coaching during NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) has launched. The web address is For those who want coaching to get them through the kamikaze writing which will happen in November. Deadline for signing up is Oct. 31st.

I'm also hosting a Don't Scare Yourself out of Writing Your Book party on Facebook on October 31st from 8-9pm. The Red Witch will be there. I have prizes and goodies for those attending.  Don't miss out on the fun. Bring your beverage, pen, pencil, paper, computer.

My website is under construction, however you can find parts of it at Check it out and know new things are coming.

All this is happening while I pack up my house and get it ready for sale.  I am moving back to Michigan as my heart is there. While I love South Carolina and the friends I've made, it is time for me to go home.

As far as the writing coach business, I'm loving it. I will soon be offering a course on writing: Dive into Writing is a beginning writing course. I have a staff of five who are awesome. While it is only part-time work now, I expect to see it grow.

I am continuing my coaching with my wonderful Coach Dawniel Winningham. If you need a business coach, she is the best. I've checked on a few in the past and not one has offered what Coach has at a reasonable price.

You can subscribe to my YouTube channel it is Rebecka Vigus Writing Coach. I don't know if I have shown you my business logo so here it is:
I like it. Hope you do, too.

I think you are caught up now. I'll be doing NaNo next month along with those I coach. Need to get Macy book 4 done. I'll be coaching and marketing my free webinar coming up in November. More on it later. 

Night all Y'all

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