Saturday, October 29, 2016


I have returned to South Carolina. It has been an eventful month. First, the evacuation for Hurricane Matthew....I evacuated to Clarkston, MI.  My house suffered no damage, however I have broken limbs and debris all over the yard to deal with.

I had originally planned to stay a week to ten days. You know how plans go. Mike and I went to visit my parents on Oct. 9th. Then we stopped to see my sister, Diane, and her family. All in all it was a good visit.

Mike works days, so my mornings were spent with his oldest daughter, Stacie, and the menagerie of animals. (Three dogs and three cats.) I had plenty to keep me busy. Updating Facebook, reading and I did write seventeen chapters on the new book.

Ate out too many times, will have to restart my diet again now that I am home. Should have a better start on it before I return at Thanksgiving.

Oct. 8th in the evening I had an issue with my blood pressure so, we did not go see Mike's mom. We made up for it by going to see her on Oct 19th. I have times when for no known reason my blood pressure bottoms out. I have learned how to take care of it and avoid trips to the emergency room. Was great seeing Mike's mom. Not seen her in years.

I spent the afternoon of Oct. 15th in Mt. Pleasant, with my granddaughter, Megan. We had lunch,  picked out her Halloween Costume and just hung out. I got my CMU Grandma t-shirt and a sweatshirt as I did not pack cold weather clothes.

Oct. 21st, Mike had some surgery. His youngest daughter, Heather, and I kept each other company in the waiting room. It made for a long day for everyone. He had to be at the surgery center at noon. He was not taken to surgery until 1:45pm. He was in recovery by 3:05pm and we took him home about 4pm. He is recovering well. Well enough I could come home.

Left for home on Oct. 26th after driving to Lansing to take Jamie to lunch. Got as far as Wapakoneta, Ohio on my return trip. Texted Mike and asked him to text me the phone number on a piece of property in Kentucky...cannot hurt to look.

I called about the property when I finally reached Kentucky on Oct. 27th. Left a message on his answering machine. Called my Mom when I hit London, KY thinking I would not be able to see the property as I had not heard anything back.

My phone rang as I crossed the Tennessee border. It was the man with the property. I pulled into the rest area to get information and back tracked an hour and a half to see it. I had no real agenda. On the way, my phone battery died. Duh, forgot to plug it into the charger.  So, I  have no photos of the property or the house.

Suffice it to say the property is 125 acres of Heaven in the back of beyond. Exactly what we are both looking for. I have called the gentleman back with some questions Mike had. Nothing has been decided and if the guy gets an offer he is free to sell it. But it has potential. We shall see.

I drove the 35 miles back to London, KY...takes an hour and a half on two lane, twisting, winding, roads. Spent the night in London.  Called to let my daughter know she didn't need to send out the national guard. Mike's daughter, Stacie had been texting, too. Went to dinner, checked in with everyone and life was good again.

Rolled out on the 28th heading for Huntersville, NC to take my brother to lunch. He thought I was still in  Michigan. Oh, oops. We had a late lunch at the Sports Page in Mooresville, NC. I highly  recommend it. Burgers were great. Know the fried sweet potatoes have cinnamon & sugar on them. YUCK.

It took me from 4pm to 6pm to drive the 36 miles to the NC/SC border. Not only did I have Charlotte rush hour, I77 from north of Statesville to the SC border is torn up to widen it. Ugh. Should have stopped in Rock Hill, SC for the night, but knew I would be home in three hours so kept driving.  Big mistake. I should not be driving at night ever. My eyes are just not good for that anymore. I set the cruise on 61mph and stayed in the slow lane. There are no fast food places near me, so I stopped at BK about 4 miles from home. I will NEVER eat there again. I am so tired of them not getting the drive thru orders right. And it only made me angry and gave me a headache.

Finally crashed about 1:28am. Slept until 11:28am. Woke almost human. Showered, emptied the fridge of spoiled foods, and went to eat at Sunrise Bistro, just around the corner from me. Then I had a visit with the minister's wife. Love Meghan and Mark Hunt and their kids.  Came back home and really have not done much since.

Church in the morning tomorrow, then I tackle laundry, emptying the freezer of spoiled items, and just getting settled in again.

To say I miss Mike would be a gross understatement. To say he misses me would  be the same. Thanksgiving is right around the corner and I will be home. We have Thanksgiving dinner at Jamie's, because my son-in-law, Phil is an awesome cook.


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