Thursday, May 12, 2016

Writer Beware!!!!

You have written a book. Now you want it published. Do you query agents and see if you can get it into a traditional publisher. (Assuming you know the Big 6 in New York have 12 authors who get all their attention). Which means at least a two year or more wait. (James Patterson had 27 rejections on his first book. Chicken Soup for the Soul the first book had 47 rejections before being published). Or do you self-publish?

This is where you need to do your homework. There are ways to be an Indie Author and there are vanity presses. Here's how you know the difference:
    A Vanity Press:
     1. Charges you a ton of money
     2. Takes 80% of your royalties
     3. Might give you a 40% discount on your purchases
     4. Discounts your sales to Amazon and other wholesalers.
     5 Keeps you losing money

Small Presses:
     1. Offer you a contract
     2. Do NOT charge you up front money
     3. Take a portion of your royalties 40% to cover their expenses
     4. Will pay you royalties once you have made $20.

Indie Authors:
     1. YOU are the boss
     2. Have a great design team
     3. You pay for set up and book design
     4. 100% of your royalties are yours.
     5. Have your own logo
     6. Can be printed with your logo through with world wide distribution at NO COST to you.

Vanity Presses: Tate Publishing, Xlibris Publishing, Author House Publishing, Infinity Publishing these are the most widely known. There are dozens more. Check under Publishers for a complete  list. Stay away from them. They are NOT interested in promoting you. They are out to make money from you.

Small Presses are good. You have no risk. The downfall is they come and they go. So, there's the risk.

Being an Indie Author is the best if you have a stellar design team. I can recommend one. A good design team will help with your branding. People will come to recognize your books by their covers. They will be stand out with the right team.

Please be wary when you enter the publishing ring.


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