Sunday, May 1, 2016

A-Z Challenge---Letter Z

I apologize this should have been posted yesterday.

Z is for zany. Zany means amusingly unconventional and idosyncratic.
I have zany tendencies. I am easily unconventional and my friends tell me I'm funny. Being a writer sets me in a different zone.

I look at the world in potential mysteries. Or how can I make this incident a story without hurting those involved.

I also tend to not conform. Which sometimes gets me into trouble.

All-on-all it just makes life interesting.



  1. Oooo...zany...have to remember that word. I'm always looking for great ways to describe something in my writing. Thanks. LOL

  2. Sharon, feel free to use it anytime.

  3. Thank you. I came to know about a new word.
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    1. Thank you. Glad you enjoyed it. Drop in anytime


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